Spring capsule wardrobe – mix & match !

May 3, 2017

Hello !

How are you all? I hope you are doing great!

It’s been a really long time since I haven’t post in be honest I had a rough year and no motivation, also I don’t know why but my blog was hacked, but anyway now I am BACK and ready to show you some cool stuff I’ve been up to this whole time!

Today I want to show you my wardrobe ready for spring! Since few months I’ve been shopping some spring items, and I realized that for the first time my wardrobe is matching, and I can basically mix all the items together. Also I finally started to buy whole outfits at the time, maybe that’s what was crucial with this mix and matching thing. I need to mention here, that there is definetely a PINK theme going on here so don’t be surprised. 🙂

I will show you some ideas for the outfits but there are much more possibilities in here. Also I will add some other clothes to those in my everyday life, but the pieces I am showing you today are the ones that are the most interesting I think, and I really love them all.

Just get some inspiration and prep your wardrobe for this spring!

My tip is to really declutter your wardrobe and see what you have in there, if you are not wearing something just give it away, and then think about what items are missing to match your existing pieces. This helped me a lot, and now I feel like I have a perfect wardrobe for this warmer season.

I hope you like this post, please comment if you do.

So, let’s get started!

First you have three jackets, a pink one, a black one and a denim one:

C&A jacket (faux leather)

Black Perfecto (faux leather) from Miss Selfridge

Vintage denim jacket

Parfois pink handbag

Vintage scarf with cool sculs detail

Vintage romper

My perfect and sexy black dress (old)

Sweater dress from Forever21

Pink blouse from Forever21 paired with chokers from Stradivarius

Flowery, very boho blouse from C&A

T-shirt from The odder side (polish brand-I love their style you should check them out!)

Guns&Roses t-shirt from C&A

Dusty pink, really soft jeans from C&A

Blue high waisted jeans from American Eagle Outfitters

Black jeans from Levis

Chokers and necklace from Stradivarius, except from the bottom one-no name

Pink sneakers from Deichmann

Cat shoes from

Ballerinas style shoes from

What are your essentials for this Spring? What items from my wardrobe you liked the most?

Please comment below.

Till the next post!


**Disclamer: This post is not a sponsored post by any means**

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