About me

  My name is Natalia I was born in Wrocław, a magical city in Poland, but living almost my hole life in Warsaw. ’88 baby. I majored in French Litterature, and I speak French.

  I have a lot of hobbies and I’m always finding new ones. Some are staying with me longer, some are dying naturally after few weeks of big excitement. Blogging is one of those hobbies that I’m still very passionate about. It all started in 2012 when I was feeling lonely in Nantes, France. I was studying french litterature there and one day I decided to start a blog. It was a good decision because it’s something that gives me a lot of fun and self esteem. I started with blogspot and now switched to my own website witch I’m so excited about!
Of course with blogging comes my passion for beauty and fashion and a good food.

  To know more about me, come back here to read my posts. I will write about beauty products because I have a ton of them to review (to be honest I’m quite a shopaholic in terms of beauty products), about fashion pieces that I like, about traveling, about sewing (maybe some tutorials coming up?), about some new hobbies that I will discover in my life and some other things that will inspire me. I’m a a big foodie so you might also find here some yummy recipes.

  Blogging is not my main occupation I have a full time job, but I will try to post as many posts with a valuable content as I can.

Thanks for stopping by.